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The best way to advertise your company

As a small or medium-sized business owner, you’re always looking for powerful ways to advertise your company. Advertising using vehicle wraps is one of the best ways to make your business name shine above all the others. Aside from online advertising, it’s the only offline marketing that works for you 24/7,
365 days a year. Furthermore, vehicle advertising can reach many people you would never reach in the online world. So, if you’ve been thinking about putting a vehicle wrap on your car, van or truck, don’t hesitate another minute. Tell me about your project, your vehicle and your company and we’ll make it real, together.





How I work

Idea. Creative Process. Reality.


Tell me about your project, what you have in your mind, what you want make real. Tell me about your truck, van or car (make, model, year, color), about your company (website, social media, etc) and about the graphic style you prefer (send me some example vehicle wrap designs that you like).
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Car, Truck or Van Wrap Design by Essellegi. Van Signs, Van Signage, Van Wrapping, Van Signwriting, Van Wrap Designer, Signs for Van, Van Logo, Van Graphic, Car Signs, Car Signage, Car Signwriting, Car Wrap Designer, Car Graphic, Custom Vehicle Signage, Car Wrap Design by Essellegi.

Creative Process

I give you three proposal wrap designs, you choose the best one and you ask me ALL changes to improve it. After that, when you are completely satisfied, I send you all vector final files (.ai / .eps / .pdf).


This is the last step. You just have to send your vector files to the wrap company of your city. From this moment, your vehicle wrap design will give an high visibility to your brand on the streets and will make unique your vehicle, your company and your every work day.
BMW i3 | Car Wrap Design by Essellegi. Car Signs, Car Signage, Car Signwriting, Car Wrap Designer, Car Graphic, Custom Vehicle Signage, Car Wrap Design by Essellegi.

If you’re considering a vehicle wrap marketing consider this

When you’re out on the road, what catches your eye? Is it a billboard or is it a creatively designed ‘sign’ on a vehicle? Your eyes have probably been drawn towards images, logos, and designs that are splashy and eye-catching, but not tacky or overdone. Vehicle wraps can be an extremely cost effective way to promote your business and build brand recognition. When measured against other forms of advertising, the cost per 1,000 impressions on vehicle wraps is way lower!
Vehicle advertising is an extremely cost-effective way to reach 1,000’s of people. CPM is a measurement advertisers use when pricing their reach. For example, the average cost to reach 1,000 people on television is $17.78. The average cost to reach 1,000 people using a truck wrap is just 77 cents!
Vehicle wraps are great for brand development. When people see your company name consistently, they’ll start to remember your name. When it comes to brand development, recognition and memory are everything. In todays hyper competitive crowded market you just can’t afford to blend in, you have to stand out! A visually stunning, memorable and large logo on vehicle is a great way to get people’s attention.
Vehicle wraps give your business the greatest visibility for the least amount of money. This is exactly what you want from a marketing campaign – visibility in the areas where you do business.
i3 Wrap Design. Car, Truck or Van Wrap Design by Essellegi. Van Signs, Van Signage, Van Wrapping, Van Signwriting, Van Wrap Designer, Signs for Van, Van Logo, Van Graphic, Car Signs, Car Signage, Car Signwriting, Car Wrap Designer, Car Graphic, Custom Vehicle Signage, Car Wrap Design by Essellegi.

Why Wrap, not Paint?

Cost – If we eliminate discount paint jobs, which often reduce pricing by eliminating proper preparation, wraps or decals may be more cost effective. Painting a car may range from under $1000 to $8000. Decaling or wrapping a car can run $500 to $2000.


Resale Value – Protecting the manufacturer’s original finish maintains the resale value of the vehicle, and its saleability. Buy a white vehicle, wrap it to your heart’s desire, and have a white vehicle, again, when it’s time to resell.


Options — Tired of the current design ? Remove the wrap and re-wrap it.


Time — Especially if you have a complicated multi-vector design — a wrap can be done in days; paint may take much longer.


Coverage — Using paint limits vehicle advertising to the painted surfaces. By incorporating window film in a wrap, the entire surface of the vehicle may be used for promotion.

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What clients say

Our company might be a little different because we are designers ourselves and we admittedly were going into the design process knowing we’d be more picky than most. I had a committee of 4 artists on my end, each with their own ideas of what they did and did not want. We had tried to design a wrap ourselves but it was too difficult for us to wrap our heads around all the competing lines on a vehicle as we normally work with apparel. We had done many google searches on cool van wraps and we all saved the ones we likes best to share with each other. Nearly all of them were from Essellegi so we reached out. We were surprised to learn how affordable he was. I was also surprised that he delivered on the time frames he promised, something that isn’t common in design due to many unforeseen factors inherent in the field. What I liked best about working with Essellegi is that when he returned back a design that maybe one of my committee said they didn’t want to see, he was able to explain why he chose to design that way and why we should give it a chance. Several times there were design choices where my team changed their mind based on the execution of the art and the excellent communication that accompanied it. Now, if I can only find the bad ass wheels he mocked it up with for my van in real life!Sean Ingram
Sean IngramBlue Collar Press
Finding a designer like Sergio, a branding expert like he is, is very difficult to discover. Sergio created a visually impactful and engaging design for our first vehicle fleet. He took something I envisioned into reality! Thank you Sergio!Steven Lara
Steven LaraClean Green Florida
Working with Sergio has been nothing less than a phenomenal experience! Put aside the fact that he's immensely talented and creates eye-catching work, his communication skills are on point. Whereas I've often felt my business/project is a burden to other designers, Sergio is easily reached, up for a challenge, and a genuinely down-to-earth guy.Nicholas Witwer
Nicholas WitwerThirsty's Pop Stop
Sergio did a great job helping us design our wrap and redefining our logo/brand. He took our ideas and put in his insight and came up with what we wanted without hesitation, fast and on target. I would recommend his services to anyone.Dustin Null
Dustin NullZwrapz
All as discussed in a short time delivered. We got a stunning design in a very uncomplicated way for a fair price. Would do it again and again. Thanks a lot!Michael Kössner
Michael KössnerCapcorn
Thanks Essellegi for going over and above with first designing my new logo and then for the awesome job designing the new wrap for my van. Always very quick to respond to emails and nothing was to hard, an absolute pleasure to work with!Joe Ordon
Joe OrdonGrindWorks
What can I say ? I have seen the works of Sergio La Grasta from Essellegi on the Internet and immediately I was inspired by his creativity. For our company van, he has entered into our conceptions and super-fast he sent us three drafts. He has responded to every request for change and has nevertheless attached his own expert opinion. Value for money is top and I would always return to it. Sebastian Pötter
Sebastian PötterBK Booth
Sergio was awesome to work with! I've been looking for someone who was able to grasp my vision and make it come to life. Sergio effectively understood my requirements, and with his skills and detail applied it to create a beautiful simplistic design. Sergio will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your design! It was a pleasure.Nav Khosa
Nav KhosaPhantom Security
Can't recommend this guy enough! I provided my thoughts but kept them slightly vague in order to get the best results and almost on the first try with every project I gave him he created exactly what I was looking for. Sergio has a great sense of what looks fresh and clean and also easy to navigate when it comes to websites. Once I saw his work I knew right away his visions are what I was looking for and was happy I made the choice to hire him. Keep up the great work and communication as you always do!Daryl Wigglesworth
Daryl WigglesworthRidgeLine Garage Door
Sergio is an amazing designer! He will guide you through the process and be with you every step of the way. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.Cody Porche
Cody Porche Porche Aerial Imagery
A few years ago I started looking for a company to design some graphics for one of our vans that fits our brand. Unfortunately I could not find a single company who succeeded. But suddenly, a few nights ago, I discovered some Essellegi designs on the internet which I really liked. I sent an email and few hours later I got an email from Sergio. We’ve talked about the project I had in mind and soon we were talking about colors, logos and text. Two days later, a Saturday morning at 4:16 am, I was blown away by his first draft designs! Really amazing! This guy is a true artist and a brilliant designer! He is a professional, no doubt about it, and I’m already looking forward to our next projects!Peter Garmyn
Peter GarmynCEO Belgium Business Group
After searching on the web for a wrap designer I came across to Essellegi website. Because of his professional looking website I reached out to him. He replied fast, gave him some few guidelines and the work we received on our first car the BMW i3 was amazing from the first sketch. Almost no changes. There were no doubts who was going to design our next car, the Fiat Scudo. This time we also got a design really fast and it was spot on! I would really recommend Sergio!Martin Holm
Martin HolmIsipisi
I’m Carlos E. Uribe, President CEO of Hammer Insurance and I am very happy with the service I obtained while getting some graphics for our 2016 Ford Van, I like simple to the point type service, and Mr. Sergio La Grasta from Essellegi made it just that, easy, quick and effective. I congratulate your effort in the service provided. Thank you once again.Carlos Uribe
Carlos UribeHammer Insurance
Sergio did a great job bringing a modern, sporty and professional design to my vehicle wrap. He conducted himself professionally and communicated clearly and regularly. I would definitely recommend his services!Kalpesh Gohill
Kalpesh GohillgetTREAD
Sergio has been an amazing graphics designer to work with. The whole process was simple with great communication and attention to detail. Nothing was too difficult and we made many changes to the design to get it perfect. I highly recommend Sergio's services.Jacek Zoltkowski
Jacek ZoltkowskiEventEquipment
Amazing job. Sergio was able to understand the look and feel of the brand. We would DEFINITELY work with him again. Thanks, Sergio!Carlota Lopez
Carlota LopezFIB Delivery
I hired Sergio based on how impressed I was by his portfolio I was able to view online.  His work looked unique and very well customized to the business in which he was designing for.  I contacted Sergio to begin a design for my company and he was prompt, professional, and listened to what my design needs and offered great suggestions.  He gave me a few great design options (it was very hard to choose one) and after choosing the design and perfecting every last detail, I am a very happy business owner. I couldn’t be more pleased. Sergio is clearly talented.  I am confident my new van design will profit hugely for my business.Kev Haleblian
Kev HaleblianQuality House Painting
We loved the design that Essellegi put forward. He was very willing to make changes and incorporate feedback. He brought some fresh thinking to something that we haven't been able to achieve for some time. Thank you Essellegi!Andrew Crawford
Did a great job! Very easy to work with and fast on the response time. Would recommend him for others in need of a car wrap design.Jodi Ettare
Jodi EttareTimberlake Family Pharmacy
I was looking for a fresh, modern design for our new van wrap and after browsing images online I found the Essellegi website. Sergio grasped our needs and produced a stunning design. Fantastic to work with and also extremely easy to communicate with all emails replied to very quickly and our perfect design created to our exact specification within a few days. I would not hesitate in recommending Essellegi and look forward to working together again soon.Justin Emsley
Justin Emsley Flames | Wood Burning Stoves
Very Good Work. Fast replies and uncomplicated communication through the whole process of the project. I can recommend this Designer to everyone, who needs a new car design. Henrik Morgenstern
Henrik MorgensternSystem Partner | IT Services
Nice job, exactly what we want.Anonymous
AnonymousBigBoss | Energy Drink
This is the best experience you could ask for. Phenomenal design, communication, and turn around time on modifications. This is hands down one of the best experiences I have had with a designer. Work with him, you will be blown away with what he provides.Kevin Buck
Kevin BuckRainMaster | Lawn System
Essellegi is a great designer, very creative! I clearly recommend to work with him!Sigrid Schneller
Sigrid SchnellerSport Schneller
Great designer, very talented.
Guy McGregor
Guy McGregorNextGen | Audio Visual
Perfect communication and creativity! Fast delivery!Gvidas Aukstuolis
Gvidas AukstuolisAEGN Engineering
Very satisfied with work.Aman Hadid
Aman HadidAustralian Soccer School

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Tell me about your car, truck or van (make, model, year, color) and your company.

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