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If you’re considering a vehicle wrap marketing consider this:  When you’re out on the road, what catches your eye? Is it a billboard or is it a creatively designed ‘sign’ on a vehicle? Your eyes have probably been drawn towards images, logos, and designs that are splashy and eye-catching, but not tacky or overdone.

Vehicle wraps can be an extremely cost effective way to promote your business and build brand recognition.  When measured against other forms of advertising, the cost per 1,000 impressions on vehicle wraps is way lower!  Check out this infographic we created to see a comparative cost analysis.

Here are 3 things you should be thinking about when it comes to vehicle wraps:

  • Keep it short.  We can’t stress this enough!  Your main aim is to build name, or brand awareness right?   Your professionally designed logo needs to be the star of the show.   Your tagline and contact info should be secondary characters. There is absolutely no need for other copy such as a list of services or your locations.  People are more than capable of digging deeper and using Google to find your website and learn more about you.  But they WILL NOT do that if they don’t remember your name because there’s too much information on your wrap!  Remember, when it comes to vehicle wrap advertising, you have only about 3 seconds to get your point across!
  • Make it clear. Don’t be mysterious or use words in a playful way if it doesn’t suit your business needs. This rule also goes for any images or colorful designs that you incorporate. Everything should point to a direct message that everyone understands when they see it. This is where correct logo development comes into play. Remember, the key to an effective vehicle is all in your logo design, and you may even wish to have your logo redone before you embark upon a vehicle wrap marketing campaign.
  • Be bold. Boldness may not be something you have considered right off the bat. You might be thinking a bold design is not professional or that the message will look less than business-like.  This is not true. A well-designed colorful, bold message and logo with your appropriate business information will be the magic you’ve been looking for. Use designs that fully embrace your vehicle and that are visible from all angles.  Sometimes business owners are uncomfortable with going bold.  This is because they themselves are more low key.  It’s fine to be low key in your personal appearance and life, but low key when it comes to marketing and branding will get you low key results.  If you’re ok with not standing out, not being remembered, then low key is for you.  If you want to stand out, be noticed and remembered, then you have to be bold.  You have to be the needle in the haystack, not the haystack.

When you are ready to put your marketing dollars to good use, whether you are thinking about a new company logo design or not, consider the effectiveness and visibility of vehicle wrap marketing.

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